28 August 2020

Opening Address

Phoram Mehta, President, ISACA Singapore Chapter

0900hrs - 0905hrs

GOH Address

Mr Gaurav Keerthi, Deputy Chief Executive, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore

0905hrs - 0915hrs

ISACA HQ Address

Tracey Dedrick, Chair, ISACA

0915hrs - 0930hrs

Keynote 1 - The Route to Data Protection by Design

Koh Suat Hong, Personal Data Protection Commission

0935hrs - 1000hrs

Keynote 2

Joshua McCloud, CISCO

1005hrs - 1040hrs

Panel: From Cyber Resilience to Confidence

Moderator: Phoram Mehta (ISACA President), Panelists: Koh Suat Hong(PDPC), Joshua McCloud (CISCO), Lim Thian Chin (CSA), Joe Weiss (ISA99), John Yong (SATA)

1045hrs - 1120hrs

Cyber Security of Control System - The Second Coming of the Maginot Line

Joe Weiss, ISA99

1125hrs - 1150hrs

Cybersecurity New Norms

Lim Thian Chin, Director CII Division, CSA

1155hrs - 1220hrs

The Singapore Cyber Security Landscape: Learnings from the ISACA-Frost & Sullivan Survey 2020

Kenny Yeo, Frost & Suvillan

1225hrs - 1250hrs

Governance & Risk Track

Track Manager : Gaurav Thorat

Security Planning & Program Track

Track Manager: Yap Lip Keong

Design & Architecture Track


Track Manager: Steven Sim

Compliance & Audit Track

Track Manager: Jenny Tan

Security Governance in Healthcare

​John Yong, SATA Commhealth

1400hrs - 1430hrs

Key Cybersecurity and Risk Trends post-COVID19

Tobias Gondrom, United Overseas Bank

1435hrs - 1505hrs

Governance & Risk Case Study

1510hrs 1540hrs

BCM in Post-COVID19 New Normal
Goh Moh Heng, BCM Institute

1545hrs - 1615hrs

The Scourge of Data Loss and an Whole-of-Organisation Approach needed
Thomas Kok, OCBC Bank

1620hrs - 1650hrs

Panel: Governing for Cyber Resilience
Moderator: Gaurav Thorat
Panelists: Goh Moh Heng, Thomas Kok, Tobias Gondrom

1655hrs - 1730hrs

Debunking myth about red teaming - A tale spoken by a red-teamer
Chong Rong Hwa, Government Technology Agency

1400hrs - 1430hrs

Planning a successful Bug Bounty Program

Ang Leong Boon, National University of Singapore

1435hrs - 1505hrs

Security Planning & Program Case Study

1510hrs 1540hrs

A Gentle Introduction to CSA Audit- based Continuous Certification
Dr Lee Hing-Yan, Cloud Security Alliance

1545hrs - 1615hrs

Planning for GDPR in Cloud Security
Egide Nzabonimana, SOCRAI, Belgium Chapter

1620hrs - 1650hrs

Panel: Planning for Cyber Resilience
Moderator: Yap Lip Keong
Panelists:  Ang Leong Boon, Chong Rong Hwa, Egide Nzabonimana, Lee Hing-Yan

1655hrs - 1730hrs

Securing Critical Infrastructure in the New Normal
Lim Shih Hsien, SP Group

1400hrs - 1430hrs

Understanding Cybersecurity Risk in the age of serverless
Ian Loe, NTUC Enterprise

1435hrs - 1505hrs

Design & Architecture Case Study


1510hrs 1540hrs

Effectively applying MITRE ATT&CK Framework on ICS
​Freddy Dezeure, EU MITRE ATT&CK User Group

1545hrs - 1615hrs

Designing an effective OT Cyber Incident Plan
Oren Elimelech, Cyber 360, Israel Chapter

1620hrs - 1650hrs

Panel: Architecting for Cyber Resilience
Moderator: Steven Sim
Panelists: Freddy Dezeure, Ian Loe, Lim Shih Hsien,  Oren Elimelech

1655hrs - 1730hrs

How to effectively audit your Active Directory against APTs
Paige Sundquist, FedEx

1400hrs - 1430hrs

Digitalisation vs Transformation: Why you need to take your time for it
Jenny Tan, Singapore Chapter

1435hrs - 1505hrs

Compliance & Audit Case Study

1510hrs 1540hrs

Effective Auditing for ICS/SCADA Systems
Daniel Ehrenreich, 5th ICS Cybersec 2020, Israel

1545hrs - 1615hrs

Ensuring Compliance for Automation Security
Ulrich Seldeslachts, EU LSEC Leaders In Security

1620hrs - 1650hrs

Panel: Auditing for Cyber Resilience
Moderator: Jenny Tan
Panelists: Lee Siu Wei (Sales Director from WK), Mihoko (NTT Chief Cyber Strategist), Annie Sim (Senior Assistant Director, Critical Information Infrastructure, Cyber Security Agency)

1655hrs - 1730hrs

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