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Topic: ICS Cyber security- not a one size-fit all Solution

Daniel Ehrenreich.png

Daniel Ehrenreich

 Consultant and Workshop Lecturer, SCCE SCADA Cyber Security (Israel)

Topic :Digital Auditor of the Future

damian teo.png

 Damian Teoh

Head of Innovation and Technology Audit, Macquarie Group


Topic: Sustainable Cybersecurity Compliance in Agile Landscape?

bernard tan.png

Bernard Tan, Director/Cybersecurity Group, GOVTECH

Topic: Top 3 lessons from CIO: Moving crown jewels to Cloud

Wu choy peng.jpg

Wu Choy Peng

Chief Technology Officer, GIC Pte Limited

Privacy journey: Thru the eye of a Privacy Professional


Joyce Chua, First Vice President, UOB Group (UOB)

Panel discussion
Topic : How does your organisation ensure Privacy/security compliance?

– Moderator: Mike Leow, Panelists: Bernard Tan, Wu Choy Peng, Joyce Chua, Fredrik Forslund, Masayuki Morita

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